About us


To promote, encourage and sponsor activities related to the art of quilting and textile arts throughout Québec.


Bilingual organization founded in 1988, following the Quilt Canada national conference held in Montreal in 1987. We are grateful to Adaire Schlatter and Fredie Wilson, founder of Courtepointe Québec for successfully mobilizing quilters throughout the province, convincing them to consider quilting as an art form, and inviting and encouraging them to found guilds. The sustainability of Courtepointe Québec depends on the dedication, commitment, talent and energy of volunteers who are passionate about this art form.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Every year, a guild hosts the members of Courtepointe Québec for the Annual General Meeting. This is an opportunity for the participants to take part in discussions and develop contacts with their colleagues and for the guilds that receive community and educational bursaries to present the work done by their members. Throughout the day, the participants are invited to make blocks (by hand) that will be used by the host guild to make a quilt to be used for a raffle for the AGM participants two years later.


Since 2004, Courtepointe Québec has been inviting the public and all those who love quilts and textile arts to a provincial exhibit to celebrate not only the artists but also their passion for shapes, colors, harmony, and refinement in making the works presented. This event also gives those who want to perfect their knowledge and learn new techniques an opportunity to sign up for workshops and lectures given by renowned instructors.