Dare to Exhibit Your Quilt

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 Dear passionate quilt members!


In this New Year full of good resolutions, I send you my Best Wishes. I wish you a year filled with happiness, new projects and many more quilts. About quilts, 2018 will be an exceptional year with our Salon which will be held next spring. It will begin Saturday, May 26, with the reception of a multitude of most magnificent quilts, followed by a busy week of most interesting classes and workshops.

On Wednesday, May 30th, a gala evening will officially open the quilt exhibition which will be held on Thursday, May 31st to Sunday, June 3rd. In addition to the Harper challenge, supporting the foundations of the St. Justine CHU and the Montreal Children’s Hospital, the Courtepointe Québec challenge with the theme Splash of Colors, I propose a third challenge:



Dare what you say? I dare to register my quilt of course! This year, don’t worry about potential critics, face your fears, your shyness or any other fear, you may have, whether you have become a virtuoso looking for perfection, whether you want to show off your most recent quilt, without errors, hoping to get the rosette for excellence or whether you have at last completed, after months of work, your first quilt, be proud of your efforts and dare to participate. And you will see the happiness that this will bring you. Yes, what a joy to have conquered your fears, what a joy to be able to admire your hard work, what pride to be present at your show, what relief you will feel when the stress falls!

So I turn to you all and urge you, particularly the beginners. Surpass yourself one last time and dare to present your quilt whether it’s your first time or whether you have done so in previous years.


And a big thanks to you because without you and your wonderful quilts our show would not exist.


Claudie Danvin, Public Relations