Community Service Grants to Guilds

At its Annual General Meeting, Courtepointe Québec presents Community Service Grants of $150 each to participating guilds. To participate, guilds must complete the form available on the website, and indicate the project they want to achieve. Winning guilds undertake to make us a report at the General Assembly next year.

Click here: Community Service Grant Form
The form will open in Word. When it opens, please click on ENABLE EDITING at the top of the page. This will enable you to fill out the document on your computer. Once completed, save your document and send it by email to:

Educational bursaries to members

At it’s 2018 Annual General Meeting, Courtepointe Québec gave out ten (10) gift certificates, drawn at random from all members in good standing of Courtepointe Québec. The gift certificates are redeemable against the fees of a one-day workshop at the upcoming Courtepointe Québec Salon. They are not exchangeable or redeemable for cash. Material or other costs will be the responsibility of the winner.