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Canada 150 – M100 QDC from Janome




The logo of the 150-M100QDC special edition for the 150th of Canada, was designed by the Canadian artist Tamara Kate.

Throughout Canada’s history, quilters have brought beauty, warmth and creativity into their homes with sewing. Quilting Guilds of Canada are an excellent way of meeting friends who share this passion. Discover the quilting organizations of Canada. You will find inspiring galleries, a variety of resources for quilting and information on membership on the majority of the quilt associations across Canada.

Courtepointe Québec


Canadian Quilters Association


On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Canada, Janome presents 150 – M100QDC in SPECIAL EDITION. What beautiful initiative … What a noble gesture of recognition!!!

Here it is in all his magnificence!!!

When people go shopping for a sewing machine, one of the first question is this one: ‘’is this model rather strong to sew in thick fabrics?’’ Behind the elegant appearance of the machines, Janome hides a metal frame and as shown below in the picture. See how strong the inside of the 150 – M100QDC looks like.

This internal solidity, assures a unique irreproachable strength to Janome machines!!! Coated with a beautiful outside shell, here is a machine which suits all the types of use of sewing.

150 – M100 QDC

Visit an authorized Janome dealer near you to see 150 – M100 QDC in action with a demonstration, see samples, and especially to try it!!!

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