Quilt Appraisal – Salon 2018

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Nicole E. Ménard, AQS Certified Quilt Appraiser will be available to appraise newly constructed quilts, antique, traditional, and non-traditional quilts for insurance replacement value, fair market value and donation value. The appraisal fee is $60.00 and must be prepaid.

A quilt appraisal is useful for:

  • Insurance
  • To establish a replacement value BEFORE a loss occurs such as fire, flood damage or disappearance
  • To make sure that your quilt has adequate insurance coverage while in a textile competition or exhibit
  • Fair Market Value – Agreement between a buyer and a seller
  • Donation Value – For income tax purposes or donating to an organization or a museum
  • To send by courier or by mail – Sending quilt to a show or to a person.
  • Gift – Often a quilt maker gives an appraisal with the gift of a quilt so that the recipient realize the value of the quilt
  • Documentation – For regional or family history.
  • Inheritance, Succession – Proof value for income tax purposes.


You will receive a professionally written document for each quilt appraised. Information regarding your appraisal is held in trust between you and you appraiser.  A separate appraisal is needed for each quilt that you wish to have appraised.

You are to provide all documentation that you have about the quilt, at the time of the appraisal. For an antique quilt, everything you know about the quilt’s maker or its heritage should be provided to the appraiser. For a contemporary quilt, all of the awards that the quilt has received or other pertinent information about the quilt’s maker should be provided.




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