Quilt Display Racks Loan

Guilds that organize exhibits can borrow quilt racks from Courtepointe Québec. Reservations are made as follows:

Click here. A contract will open in Word. When it opens, please click on ENABLE EDITING at the top of the page. This will enable you to fill out the document on your computer. Once completed, save your document and send it by email to:

The Courtepointe Québec Logistics Coordinator will acknowledge receipt of your request, confirm the availability of the equipment, determine the number of racks needed based on the number of quilts to be displayed and determine the times for picking up and returning the equipment.

When you pick up the display racks, bring two (2) cheques payable to Courtepointe Québec; one for $200.00 to cover a security deposit and another for $25.00 to cover the travel expenses of the representative.  When you return the material, if everything is in good condition, the cheque for $200.00 will be returned to the guild.

For any other organization or individual who would like to use our racks, the same fees apply. Plus rental fee of $25.00 per rack per week or portion of week.

A rack includes:

4 feet
6 hooks
4 vertical bars of 8’x2’’
4 horizontal bars of 8’x 1’1/4
6 horizontal bars of 8’x1’1/4 to receive the quilt
3 black curtains

Download and print the assembly instructions by clicking on the following link: DISPLAY RACK-Assembly-instructions


The display racks are stored at the:

Mini-entrepôts Rive-Nord – Rental unit 1352
24 Carré Sicard, Sainte Thérèse, Qc
Exit 23 of Highway 15

Each guild is responsible for the cost of shipping the display racks. Make sure that your shipping company has a truck that can handle heavy loads. All of the display racks are made of steel and the longest part is about 2.5 m (100 inches) long. A van or a trailer pulled by a vehicle is not suitable for transporting this type of equipment.


A Courtepointe Québec representative will be on hand to welcome your shipper, unlock the warehouse and count the pieces loaned. The guild will be invoiced for the cost of replacing any missing or damaged parts, as applicable.