Request for a rosette

Courtepointe Québec has a beautiful rosette which is available to any guild from the province upon request.

Each Courtepointe Québec registered guild is eligible to request just one (1) rosette per show. This rosette may be awarded to an item of their choice at their guild’s quilt show.

The rosette is free with an agreement from the guild to send Courtepointe Québec a follow-up form and a colour photo of the winning item. In addition, the quilter who is awarded a rosette must accept that his/her first name, last name, and the photo of the quilt be published for promotional or display purposes (print or web media). Please note that it is not mandatory for the quilter to be photographed beside her quilt.

To order a rosette

Complete the electronic rosette form.

For more information, contact the guild coordinator at