Courtepointe Québec Challenge 2022

Because the Salon didn’t take place in 2020, we decided to “reuse” the same challenge.

The theme of the challenge of the Courtepointe Québec 2022 Salon fits in the wake of our planet’s preservation and in the spirit of the origin of the quilt: Economy that has evolved towards Ecology!

3Rs – Reduce-Reuse-Recycle


means limiting your consumption

means using something for other purposes than originally planned

means creating another object


  • This challenge is open to all members of Courtepointe Quebec and non-members of the province of Quebec;
  • The piece must be designed specifically for this challenge from an original pattern;
  • The maximum perimeter must not exceed 200 inches, regardless of its shape. There is no minimum size;
  • The piece must present all aspects of a quilt: three regulatory thicknesses and be padded;
  • The piece must be fitted with a 4 inch sleeve attached to the back;
  • All techniques will be accepted;
  • Registration of challenge pieces will be subject to the same conditions and costs for quilts presented in the other categories;
  • Quilts presented for the 3R challenge will not count as part of the three quilts per person indicated in the regulations for other categories;
  • You must use the regular registration process, between April 16 and March 21.  CLICK HERE