Courtepointe Québec Challenge 2024

The theme of the challenge of the Courtepointe Québec 2024 is…



A description of the challenge is available HERE


  • This challenge is open to all members of Courtepointe Quebec and non-members of the province of Quebec;
  • The piece must be designed specifically for this challenge from an original pattern;
  • The maximum perimeter must not exceed 200 inches, regardless of its shape. There is no minimum size;
  • The piece must present all aspects of a quilt: three regulatory thicknesses and be padded;
  • The piece must be fitted with a 4 inch sleeve attached to the back;
  • All techniques will be accepted;
  • Registration of challenge pieces will be subject to the same conditions and costs for quilts presented in the other categories;
  • Quilts presented for the 3R challenge will not count as part of the three quilts per person indicated in the regulations for other categories;
  • You must use the regular registration process, between May 1st and May 31st.  CLICK HERE