Raffle Quilt – 2020 Salon


Courtepointe Québec’s executive council, in accordance with the provincial government’s directives to cancel all summer festivals, has decided to cancel its 2020 Salon, exhibition of quilts and textile arts to a later date.

Salon 2020 having been cancelled, our two beautiful quilts will be raffled at 11am during our annual general meeting on Saturday October 17, 2020.

Raffle tickets are still available at 2$ each. Please contact Louise Picard at to purchase yours.

This year Courtepointe Québec is very lucky to have two beautiful quilts for its Salon 2020 raffle. The creators of these quilts are Helen Doyle and Lorraine Jourdain both of whom are well known in the quilting community.

Helen Dolye Quilt

1st prize
Quilt valued at $2,500
Hand pieced and quilted

Who is Helen Doyle ?

From a young age, Helen was attracted to manual work. She was only ten years old when she enrolled in sewing classes which resulted in a well-stocked wardrobe for dolls.

After her time at the Family Institute, she continued her studies at the Cotnoir-Capponi school, renowned for training professionals in cutting, sewing and fashion design, Army of solid knowledge and an overflowing creative spirit, she taught sewing for a few years and then chose to devote herself to her family.

Joining a Cercle des Fermières 25 years ago has given her the opportunity to tame a range of new activities, including quilting. Hence this great passion for quilting. Subsequently, she discovered the existence of guilds exclusively dedicated to this art and decided to join their ranks. She was president of the Calico Laval guild from September 2014 to June 2018. Helen is a faithful participant in the exhibitions organized by Courtepointe Québec. Her works have been awarded (2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018 Public Choice Award of Excellence). Her talent has also been recognized and highlighted by the American Quilting Society at the Lancaster exhibition with the award of a second prize for excellence and also by CQA in Toronto in 2017. The art of quilting allows Helen to express all her passion for embroidery in all its forms and create her own patterns.

Lorraine Jourdain Quilt

2nd prize
Quilt valued at $1,500
Quilted by Lynne McFern

Who is Lorraine Jourdain ?

I got to know the world of quilting in 1981 thanks to a course that I took in Le Cercle des Fermières in my area. This new form of creativity allowed me to combine colors and patterns. First it was hand work, then the new cutting tools greatly improved my skills.

I started teaching at home in 1997, then worked for 11 years at Pénélope sewing machine both as a trainer and as a consultant in the quilting fabric section. Most of my training is self-taught. Books and journals are a sources of references and inspiration for all. I am curious to learn and happy to share my passion. I am very attentive to the work of the students, I provide very good guidelines so that each and everyone can accomplish their project with enthusiasm.