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  • Salon 2020 – Quilt Registration

    From February 1 to March 8, 2020


    Online or mail/email registration:

    You can register the quilt(s) you want to exhibit at the 2020 Salon online or by email/mail.


    Rules and categories: Please click here


    Online registration:

    1. IMPORTANT: one registration per application.
    2. In the description section, please respect the number of words. This bilingual text will be used in the exhibit programme. Courtepointe Québec reserves the right to edit the text.
    3. Click on PAY / PAYER. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt by email along with the next step to follow.
    4. Once you have received your confirmation, please follow the steps to forward 2 pictures of your piece to the email indicated in the confirmation.

     Registration by mail/email:

    1. Download and print the mail-in registration form (click on the link).
    2. Complete it, taking care to write legibly.
    3. Keep a copy for your files.
    4. Mail your form along with a cheque payable to Courtepointe Québec and two photos of your piece to the address indicated on the registration form.

    Information: exposantsalon@gmail.com


    Rules and categories: Please click here


    Fiche d'inscription

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    Titre de la courtepointe

    Catégorie: (voir informations et règlements)

    Dimension en pouces/size in inches:

    • Largeur
    • Hauteur


    Original Commercial

    Piquée par

    Description (entre 25 et 50 mots) en français et en anglais combiné.

    Acceptez-vous que votre courtepointe soit jugée? :

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    Option vente:

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    • Prix de vente

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    17.25$ membre 34.50$ non membre 5.75$ option vente

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